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After packing my bags and leaving my apartment 4am I was on my way to Malta for the third time this year. As I was walking towards Copenhagen’s central station I realized that that I forgot a charger for my MacBook. It was too late to turn back and it was too early to buy a new one...

Don’t you just hate it when you slept 3 hours and you get on a plane and next to you there is a young beautiful couple from Sweden obviously in love with each other? Not only that they look and act like getting on a plane 6 am is exciting and not disturbing their regular sleeping patterns.

To make matters worse they kissed 3 hours straight in a very loud manner and could not keep their hands to themselves as if it was the first time they ever touched each other. I mean if everyone just did what they wanted to do I think half the plane would be jerking off just to kill some time. Society has to have some rules!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate love. I just hate it when they rub it in my face 6 am and I can’t sleep because it sounds like 17 pigs eating a bowl of melted ice cream 5 inches from my face.



When I am tired or hungry I am often in foul mood. If you read the first bit of this blog you can see what goes through the mind of a very tired Erik Smith.

My luck turned around when I got to Malta. I got picked up by my dear friend Jacob Nielsen who stopped by a MacDrive on the way home. I got a long nap and headed towards a pub to meet my good friend from 10th grade David aka “Godz”. Cool nickname for a guy who is half Danish half British right?

We went to Portomaso Casino to play some €1/€2 cash game and have a chat. The buy-in was capped at €400 and the pre-flop game was similar to a €2/€4 online game but crazier. The opening bets were anywhere between €6 and €28. Keep in mind that just because you opened to €28 it did not necessarily mean you got less calls than when you opened to €10.

We started the session at around 7 pm and we left 2 am. That is a fairly short work shift for a pro poker player. Putting in 7 hours is not hard unless you only slept 9 hours the past 72 hours as was the case for me. It is funny I normally play better when I am a bit tired and having a hangover since sitting doing nothing for hours is easier compared to the times when you are full of energy and all you can think if is that girl you saw 2 hours earlier wearing a miniskirt that in Denmark would be considered a wristband...

In our seven hour session I can honestly say I didn’t make one single mistake. How that is possible I don’t know. I think one of the key factors were that I was not challenged by anyone other than myself. I have discovered that I only tilt and play bad when other players are playing back at me constantly. I am too proud to just bow down to some aggressive kid who just turned 19 and lives in his mom’s basement. The truth is that these kids are crazy, unpredictable and I admire their skills a lot!

I won €1306 after tipping way too many Euros to the staff in an attempt to make their jobs worthwhile. A good day at the office.

Winning that money was not easy. I had to study the players and stay awake and make a lot of plays, bluffs etc. Today I realized I might have the luck to win WPT. Why you may ask?

I was having lunch with two business associates in Paceville. Just when I am talking about how I love the fact that there is no crime in Malta I realized I forgot my laptop at the restaurant where we were 2 hours ago. We left due to heavy noise and naturally when I realized that I screamed “FUCK. MY LAPTOP!” and ran towards the restaurant named ‘Barcelona’. After a good 14 seconds run I arrived at my destination desperate to find my laptop. It was sitting between two plants easy to grab from the street right where I left it. That very moment I have to admit I felt love for Malta.

A girl sitting at the table saw me and I looked at her and kissed my bag two times, smiled and took off. She probably wondered why that computer bag was sitting there or why some random guy was kissing a computer bag in front of her. I felt it was more appropriate to kiss the bag than her especially since her tattooed boyfriend might not have liked that idea as much as I would.

Tonight we are having a BBQ at ‘Casa de Jacobi’. It goes without saying that I brought Danish Sandwich Ketchup and Remulade for the Danes joining the party.

Overall I am very happy!

Speak soon gents