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The beauty of poker lies in the fact that it is easy to learn the rules but hard to master the game. The way our lives play out is defined by the outcome of a long series of events and we have to make decisions along the way predicting what is best for us.

Sometimes we might have taken the right decision based on the information available and the knowledge we possess and yet experience a negative outcome. In poker despite making the right play, setting a brilliant trap, luring an opponent into thinking you are weak when you are strong a correct play can fail for various reasons out of your control.

You do not bluff a fish since he does not know when he is beat. He will most likely call with a poor hand not knowing your bluff is a signal of strength. I have decided to dedicate this section to elements of poker found in politics. All the possible actions at the table can briefly be described as follows:

  • Call: You are interested and control the situation so that you can later decide what is the right move
  • Raise: Maximize the value of the situation or exploit your opponents' weakness
  • Fold: Walk away when you see no value in a given situation.
  • Check: You have given up or want to lure your opponents into believing you are weak
  • Check-raise: Confuse your opponents and leave them wary, angry or frustrated.
  • Bluff: Gain value in situations where you would otherwise lose.
  • All-in: Putting all your efforts into one situation

Throughout history the human race has always been at war. Unfortunately, I believe that as long as there are people on earth there will be wars taking place. There will be winners and losers like in any game of poker.

This historic section will be authored by guest writers bringing to our attention stories from the past that bear resemblance to a poker match. It can be anything from major bluffs to situations where someone brilliantly pretended to be weak only to surprise the enemy with an ace up their sleeve.