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Written by Paul Smith,
Author and journalist
Master of Arts (History and Philosophy)

When the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme was murdered in 1986, Hans Holmér was the cheif of police in Stockholm.

Holmér got the selfish idea that he personally should solve the crime even though he had never before been involved in solving any murder case. Very soon Holmér got convinced that it was members of the Kurdish Marxist Organisation, PKK that had killed Olof Palme. Holmér never discovered that all the information that pointed in that direction came from Turkish newspapers, which had close connections to the Turkish military government. They had their reasons for pointing at PKK.

Hans Holmér had 150 policemen at his disposal, and rather soon 130 of them were wasting their time investigating this false lead. The most experienced policemen very soon got tired of spending their time hunting Kurds, so they asked to be transferred to other branches of the police force.

Rather soon it became clear, that a tall Swedish looking man had behaved strange outside the cinema, which Palme and his wife visited at 9.15 p.m. – a few hours before he got killed. The man had returned at 11 p.m. but because he looked Swedish Holmér did not pay any attention to him.

Christer Andersson

This man was probably Anders Christer Henning Andersson who lived nearby. He had a license to a Smith & Wessson .357 Magnum. He hated Olof Palme because he believed that Palme was the prime reason for his financial problems. He furthermore had no alibi for the night of the murder and his revolver is the only revolver relevant to the case that was in the Stockholm area at the time of the murder, which was not tested and ruled out as the potential murder weapon. He got rid of it, before the police found him. A few years prior to the murder, his gun was in police custody, because he had been shooting at his TV. Olof Palme was on the screen when he shot at it.

Christer Andersson committed suicide, when the Swedish police knocked at his door in August 2008.

For many years he was the main suspect in the murder case, but because of the poor investigation by the Swedish police and in particular by Hans Holmér, the lead was cold, when the police finally confronted Christer Andersson in 1995.

Hans Holmér went all in on his Kurdish lead and lost. 

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