'' Cable Company Cuts All Wires
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I rarely tell bad beat stories but here is one from Denmark. A few weeks ago TDC (my ISP) cut ALL wires on my building incl. my internet cable. After 4 days I managed to talk to the guys who said they been hired to cut all wires on my building.

I went out in the backyard to talk to them since I could tell broken cables were hanging down from our outside wall. Have you intentially cut all cables on my building? They explained they been hired to do that. "Ask Julie if you don't believe it" they said. "Who is Julie?" I asked. "Your chairman". "Nope. His name is Peter and he is not a cross-dresser either". I called her with the number they provided and it turns out they mistaken number 16 (my building) with number 14 & 18. DOH!

This meant I had no internet but being a poker pro I need a back up so I was happy to use my internet USB key. Turns outs its broken. I call them to get it replaced and I thought that was the end of it. Now I get a letter saying I should have returned the old one and get a fine of 699 kr. I call them and tell them that they must be insane. They agreed and deleted the fine but wanted me to send them the USB key.

I asked for an envelope with stamps so I can mail it at no cost for me. They say they don't do that. I asked "Do you want me to go down to the post office, buy a bubble-letter and pay for track and trace?"

"No". They said. "Don't do that they always get lost. Don't you have a box at home you can ship it in?" "A box?" I asked. "Are you kidding? I don't have boxes laying around." I was tilting. "Are you sure?" she asked again as if I was lieing to her and obviously have piles of boxes but afraid to admit it. Does she think I run an undercover post office from my small flat...? As if I have boxes laying around - Jesus!

Now I have to waste time with this BS and the only upside is I get to share this story and hope it will bring some smiles on your faces. FML :)