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Fighting Cancer

Everytime I am in Vegas I am reminded of cancer and going through an emotional rollercoaster ride. This time around I handled myself well, had fun and haven't had any downswings mentally. Let me explain why I am reminded of cancer when I go here since it got nothing to do with Las Vegas really.

WPT Malta €3300 ME Day 2

The closets I have been to true love the past 15 years is the love I feel for my favourite TV show “The Sopranos”. Corrado “Junior” Soprano described my Day 2 best “I was waiting like patience on a monument”. I find it annoying when people complain about being card-dead for the simple fact that boring stories are boring to listen to. I will make it short ladies and gentlemen.

Special thanks to GlobalEventCoverage.com for giving me the photos for this blog and supporting me during the tournament.

€3300 WPT Main Event Day 1a

I changed my original plan and decided to play day 1a yesterday. I had found out you could buy-in again on Day 1b if you got knocked out on Day 1a. Furthermore playing Tuesday would give me a day of rest before playing Day 2 on Thursday. The tournament started around 4 pm. I came 15 minutes into the tournament and found my seat between an older German guy and young Austrian online tournament pro. We started with 30,000 chips and blinds were 50/100. I was highly motivated after having a very good live cash game session Sunday here in Malta.