'' Online Poker is at its Downfall Again In California
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California is probably the only state that has worked so hard to legalize interactive poker for many years. The first attempt that they made to make online poker a success was in the year 2007. After this first attempt failed they tried over and over again but they have always hit downfall.

Another one of these attempts was made this year and it seems like this one is going to end up just like those other years in an epic fail.

The Senate President of California and also the co-sponsor of internet poker is Pro Tim Darrell Steinberg. He said that many work efforts are being done to save online poker from facing failure again.  This bill first took place between Steinberg and one of his work mates Rod Wright in February of this year.

Since then there has been more talk and less action that has been done in order to make online poker more popular among the public. The proposal for online poker has not even been through a proper hearing which was scheduled for this June and was canceled because of Mr. Wrights decision.

The most outspoken individuals of these issues have been The California Tribal Business Alliance. They have said that they are in support of online gaming as long as it will save California from the out of state interests. According to California Online Poker Association which has around twenty-nine tribes and thirty-one chat rooms have said that they do not want the bill to go downhill like it has been going for the past five years.

There has been a lot of opposition for online gaming because it is believed that not every company would be able to acquire a license and also they would have to pay a large sum of $30 million which would also go for a ten percent monthly tax on web poker. This is a lot on a company’s part and if they are not getting revenue then it expected that they will lose everything that they have paid into it. While most individuals are opposing this online gaming there are also some supporters that have decided to take part just in case online poker reaches great heights. Around May a company known as PartyPoker decided to support California’s Auburn Indian Community and become their partner.

California’s gaming deadline is coming soon and all those gamers are worried about what the final decision is going to be. The deadline is said to be not a long time after Cantor Gaming and Horse Racing United make a deal and say that they will provide loads of technology in support of online poker. Cantor is also working greatly to make poker a hit in Nevada. A lot of work is being done by these people, and they are working day and night to get their hands on the technology that will be able to provide the public with excellent online poker that individuals will love and have an excellent time playing.

Source: Cardplayer.com