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This month has been dramatic on the poker front. I have switched from playing Omaha (PLO) to No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) for several reasons that I will describe below.  It has also sadly been the month were my sister’s best friend died from cancer. This sad incident has boosted my motivation to finish writing up the content to this site so I can find one or more sponsors next year and raise money for Cancer.dk

Exactly two weeks ago I found out that I should not continue with my PLO project. Playing many hours every day made me realize that I do not have a big enough edge playing PLO. I am not ashamed to admit I was not good enough. I was better than the fish but not better than the ‘regs’ (Players that plays ‘regularly’ most of them are pros or semi-pros).  Instead of going into a long explanation I will sum up various reasons for me to stop while I am ahead.

  • I am a better No Limit Hold’em player
  • I have more experience in NLHE
  • I know a lot more theory in NLHE
  • The PLO regs were too good
  • I too often felt had no idea what the right theoretical move was
  • It would take too long to catch up to the regs
  • I am working at an office with 6 other poker pros that all can help me with my NLHE game
  • I have nobody to discuss PLO with
  • I have to work with my NLHE tournament-game so playing NLHE cash games daily is ideal



From the 14th-29th of November I played 69.88 hours of NLHE poker. To those who don’t know that is considered a lot and I am proud of myself. I want to send a shot out (again) to Peter Hallberg for some good basic Hold’em Manager feedback which got me on right track from the beginning. I have been running very hot the past two weeks but I am sure with hard work I can keep up the good results by improving my game in varous areas.

We all make mistakes but only those who learn from their mistakes can survive as a poker pro. I am not going into further details in this blog just wanted to recap the latest changes in my poker career. You can enjoy my lovely graph below. I can guarantee that not all months are expected to go this well!


NOVEMBER 2011 - The Blue Line is Winnings + Rake Back