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I am feeling sad because today my sister’s best friend passed away. I admired her courage and she was an inspiration to my last blog Fighting Cancer.  She died at the age of 27. It makes me cry thinking about it... I want to help science and make a difference to all the people out there in a similar situation.

This blog is not about me or my feelings. Nobody should feel sorry for me and its not my reason for writing this blog. I feel very sorry for my sister as I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like. I am very proud of her. She supported Helene with Viking strength, listened to her and she was close to her all the way to the bitter end.

We are all going to die but this one is tough to accept. Normally when people die after being very ill for a long time you can honestly say “At least she is resting now and lived a long happy life”. Not in this case and that another reason why we need to help!

Death is inevitable and we all deal with it as a part of our lives. We all have things we want to do before we die to fulfil ourselves. Help me to help others getting time to fulfill their dreams.



Today I was yet again in contact with the Danish Cancer Foundation since we are working out a contract that I will post here as soon as it is signed.

In my last blog Fighting Cancer I asked you all to press ‘like’ on my PokerHistory facebook page and thereby donating 1kr to The Danish Cancer Foundation. I will donate up to 20,000 kr. 1kr for each ‘like’.  

So far only 43 have managed to do so – I hope you will spend 10 seconds pressing ‘like’ on this blog and on my page. 1kr might not strike you as a lot but if many others do the same it will make a difference!

Helene R.I.P.

Thanks for your help on the behalf of everyone with cancer and the families affected by this horrible decease.