'' I Got Skills - part I
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The Jante Law rules Denmark. In a nut shell it tells you “Don’t believe you are anything”. The Jante Law negatively portrays and criticises individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate. When I say I got great skills I might get slammed by my peers here in Denmark but I could not care less. Too many moan and complain instead of doing something constructive or creative in their brief time here on earth.

The Past two months I have not been playing online poker. I had three intense weeks in July/August where I started an Omaha Poker project. I took it very serious and started a blog about it on a Danish site which I will recap in my next blog. I did not stop because I was running bad. In fact I made roughly €4000 in that period incl. rakeback and cashed €4500 in an online tournament.

PokerHistory.eu took up my time from mid August till end of September as I had to get it ready for my trip to Malta where I played in the WPT. Since then I had a vacation in Las Vegas and been busy with this and another website.

Last week I decided to join 'The Poker Office' thanks to Peter Hallberg. It is located in the heart of Copenhagen and only 20 min. walk from my flat on Vesterbro. There are 9 pro poker players sharing this office and today is my first day ‘at work’. The thing I miss the most about Malta is not the weather but my old colleagues who are now spread all over the world. I miss the office environment so I look forward to the coming months.

I had a lovely week with my family & my dog. They came to enjoy a holiday in Copenhagen and among many nice things gave me a SUPERB birthday present. Thanks again!

Friday I cleaned the entire flat. I can’t work or live in a mess. I painted a new cupboard in my hallway and cooked myself a nice dinner. Now I was mentally ready for a long poker weekend.



Friday evening I cleared my mail-box so I could focus on poker. My first poker session in 2 months lasted 9.5 hours so I went to bed around 7 am Saturday morning. I got around up 12 am after 5 hours of sleep and started playing again at 2 pm so I could be ready for a night out with my mate Søren Lander who was in town.

Sunday I slept in which I rarely do. I played the entire day before heading to Ristorante Vesuvio to have an excellent dinner with my poker & football buddy Wim Bos. It was a really nice dinner. As always I was pissing myself laughing numerous times because Wim had a lot of fun stories to tell. I cherish the moments with my friends where you laugh out loud and don’t care what other people might think.

To avoid this blog gets too long I won’t get into my Omaha Poker (PLO) notes & why I claim to have great skills. For now I will simply post a screenshot to show how many hours I played this weekend. 

Check back soon to read "I Got Skills - part II" if you are interested in my poker notes, mind process & game plan for the coming months.