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Goodbye iPoker after 350k hands

In the light of recent events on iPoker I have decided to write a blog to clear my head and discuss my future in online poker. Pardon any spelling and grammar mistakes - English is not my first language.

Motivation & Goals part 1

It is crucial to find inner motivation to become successful in life. My theory is that players who are solely motivated by external factors won’t last. They will find the job too boring or lose their bankroll to players who are highly motivated. As a poker player it is a good exercise to write down what motivates you and what your short term and long term goals are. In this blog I will sum up some internal and external motivation factors, goals and describe various career paths you can choose from.


My Poker Office in Australia

One of the greatest perks in my job is that the entire world is my office. I get to travel whenever I want. I went to Australia about a month ago and certainly this has been the best time of my short poker career so far. Just look at the view from my office...

Moment of Truth

They say it's lonely at the top, in whatever you do
You always gotta watch motherfuckers around you
Nobody is invincible, no plan is foolproof
We all must meet our moment of truth

These are the opening lines by Guru in “Moment of Truth” by Gang Starr.

Actions have reactions don’t be quick to judge. You may not know the hardships people don't speak of.
It's best to step back, and observe with couth. For we all must meet our moment of truth.

Being a Professional Poker Player

The laws in Denmark have changed for online poker players. The legislation we have been waiting for since November 2003 is in effect. From the first of January 2012 it is officially legal to call yourself a professional poker player. This blog is about being a professional poker player and how annoying it is to talk about with friends who don’t acknowledge what I do.

Back to No Limit Holdem

This month has been dramatic on the poker front. I have switched from playing Omaha (PLO) to No Limit Hold’em (NLHE) for several reasons that I will describe below.  It has also sadly been the month were my sister’s best friend died from cancer. This sad incident has boosted my motivation to finish writing up the content to this site so I can find one or more sponsors next year and raise money for Cancer.dk