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It has been estimated that there are 10 million poker players in the United States. When the UIGEA was passed all American online poker players were forced to move from various poker networks into a handful of operators. PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker benefited the most.


PokerStars' revenue and player peak numbers exploded while their former biggest competitor, PartyPoker, was down roughly 75%. Check out the PartyPoker Graph. All the US players from PartyPoker, PokerRoom and Pacific etc. had to find a new poker room that accepted US players.

More than 50% of those found their way to PokerStars. More more details check out the PokerStars Graph. From the beginning of 2007 till date PokerStars has crushed the competition and today no one can compare themselves to this powerful poker room.

Throughout the past four years PokerStars invested millions of dollars generated from the US players into other markets such as Australia, Asia, South America and Europe. This money-power has made it impossible for anyone to keep up. Today, four months after Black Friday occurring on the 15th of April 2011, PokerStars still manage to be six times bigger than its closest competitor, PartyPoker, even though PokerStars do not accept US players anymore.
Soon after the indictments from the DOJ and FBI Full Tilt Poker shut down for an unknown period of time due to the fact that Alderney revoked their gaming license. Full Tilt Poker was the 2nd biggest poker room in the world, three times as big as PartyPoker. You can see the graphs in the Poker statistics section.
It is safe to say that PokerStars is the online poker industry's superpower. The outcome of the DOJ’s and FBI’s indictments against PokerStars is what might change PokerStars dominance on the market. More will follow on this subject when the future becomes present and we are able describe the events here on PokerHistory.eu.