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The online poker industry has gone through some major changes over the years. It is a major task to map out all the major changes so this section is constantly under development so come back for occasional updates.

The changes range from which games that have been popular, which marketing campaigns that the poker rooms have been using to how the poker networks have changed policies over the years.

The national governments have also had a major impact on the development of the online poker industry which have changed a lot the past 14 years.

In this chapter you can read about how online cash games developed over the years. How freerolls and multi table tournaments came about. You can also find information about rake back, what started it and how it took down major networks by aggressive marketing by savvy affiliates.

You will also find changes that has happened due to interference from the governments. The Italian government as well as Spain, France, Denmark and United States have introduced laws and change the outlook of online poker. In Europe poker is getting regulated while in the States it has been made illegal. We have seen changes to that trend in Nevada but it will take a lot of time before things are back to pre UIGEA, if that will ever happen.

If you know any major changes in online poker that you think we are missing please let us know.