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Founded 20051
Owned by Everleaf Gaming Ltd
Software Everleaf Gaming
Structure Private Company
License Malta
Skins 113
Live Tours N/A
US Accepted Yes
Former Names Universal Poker Network2


Everleaf's executives made a smart move when they decided to merge their Euro network called Universal Poker Network (UPN) with their American network. The Euro tables and USD dollars got merged into one larger network which put Everleaf Gaming Network on the poker map.

Everleaf consist of more than 100 skins which probably is the reason why no major operator find it interesting to join. The network consists of small poker rooms with niche markets.

The fact that Everleaf is accepting US players does not have a large impact on the traffic on the network as US players can mainly use Western Union to deposit and withdraw.

In the summer of 2010 Victory Poker left the network because Everleaf was unable to process a majority of Victory Poker's credit card deposit requests. At the time when Victory Poker finally gave up and moved to Revolution Gaming it was not possible for Victory Poker to get all the player funds immediately as it turned out that Everleaf had not keept the player funds segregated from the operation.

Everleaf Gaming Statistics

This later led to one of the Victory pros wrote a post on 2+2 warning players that the player funds were not segregated on Everleaf. Judging from the network statistics this post did not seem to have had any notable impact on the network liquidity.

The fact that Everleaf was accepting US players and continued to do so after Black Friday you would expect that the player traffic increased in the months after Black Friday. This was not the case.

If you take a look at the Everleaf statistics graph the exact opposite seem to be the case. We believe the reason could be that finding credit card processors became even harder and most players stopped playing online poker for good.

In September an Italian network of sports books and poker rooms left Enet Poker and joined Everleaf which explains the sudden growth in the fall of 2011.




Everleaf with over 100 skins is an easy place to get an 'under the table deal' however illegal rake back does not seem to be an issue for the network nor does it have a negative impact on the network to our knowledge.


40% rake back is the standard deal on Everleaf however the network does not seem to do much to enforce the rules.





Everleaf Poker is an entity of Everleaf Gaming.



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2 Everleaf Gaming Network merged with Universal Poker Network in January 2010. They were using same software and combined the Euro network with the US network. PokerNewsDaily January 23, 2010