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Poker.com that was the original name of the network which launched in 2004 and changed name to Carbon Poker in January 2007 and became the flagship of Merge Gaming. Merge Gaming have been accepting US players since it launched and still does.

Please find more details in our network review of Merge Gaming.

The biggest event in the history of the Merge Gaming Network was when Sportsbook.com joined the network. The graph below shows how the network roughly grew 270% over night. Sportsbook.com & PlayersOnly now called 'Play Aces' became a very important partner. Not only did traffic increase 270% overnight it led to the begnning of the downfall of its closest competitor Revolution Gaming.

The network continued to grow every month the coming year and was rewarded by the DOJ and FBI on Black Friday since it gave a massive injection of new US players. Merge Gaming was receiving so many deposit requests that it in June 2011, temporarily had to block for new US players. The doors were opened again in August.

The rumors that DOJ was planning actions against Merge Gaming led to a 10% decrease in traffic in September 2011. If the rumor was in fact true or not we are yet to find out but the traffic reports showed that business was back to usual in October 2011.

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