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partypokerThe year was 2003 and poker history had changed radically. Party Poker was the world's leading company without any close competition.

Poker had become big business with serious money involved and more and more companies with a prior focus on casino or sports betting now wanted a poker room.

This trend changed the industry over the next couple of years. Traditional poker rooms were fighting an uneven battle against casino operators since high income casino games supported their operations and marketing efforts.
Poker rooms started having blackjack tables too in order to attract gamblers and increase profit.
It takes many days or weeks to generate $1000 in rake from a single poker player while the same sum can be achieved in a couple of minutes by having the same customer play blackjack.
A list of operators such as Absolute, Ultimatebet, Pacific Poker, iPoker, Microgaming and Boss Media all had traditional casino games build in the poker lobby.
PokerStars remained reluctant to follow this trend and still do till this date (2012).