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Date November 2005
Price $14,500,0001
Asset Multi Poker
Status Merged into Party Poker
Software No

Party Poker was the first poker network to start aggressively buying out skins on its platform to regain control of the activities on the network. Multi Poker was a Swedish with 200,000 registered players.

Multi Poker was not considered as a problematic poker room on the network however acquiring its players was a necessary evil for Party Poker who rather wanted to keep the players on the network instead of seeing Multi Poker leaving the network and join a competing network.

The price Multi Poker received must have been satisfying for the shareholders due to the fact that it was only a skin and Multi Poker didn't have any other assets than its database and revenues tied up with the Party network. The poker room was closed afterwards and merged with Party Poker.

The mission to eliminate the rapidly growing rake back problem on the network was and still is till this day considered to be a very successful strategic move. The problems with rake back was eliminated in this round of buying out all its skins or nicely asking them to leave.

1 pokernews.com 13 November, 2005