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Written by Paul Smith,
Author and journalist
Master of Arts (History and Philosophy)

During World Word II the American President Franklin D. Rosevelt was opposing General de Gaulle the leader of ‘The Free French’ in London. He saw the general as a ‘potential dictator’.

Eight days after the Allied landed in Normandy on the 6th June 1944 the Allied beachhead was large enough that General de Gaulle was offered a trip across the British Canal to visit the liberated areas. The British were wondering why de Gaulle brought 19 guys with him on his trip along with a lot of luggage.

Four guys stayed behind in Bayeux which was freed from the Germans and they immediately created a French administration. Rosevelt was furious however the Allied soon discovered that it was easier to negotiate with the de Gaulle administration regarding practical issues rather than having to await orders from the politicians in London.

Due to this fact the de Gaulle administration soon became accepted as the actual government in France.

De Gaulle went all-in and defeated Rosevelt.