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Dan Fleyshman
Entrepreneur & Poker Player
Former CEO, Victory Poker

London, May 2010

Dan Fleyshman and I got to know each other when Dan moved to Malta in 2010. He had recently launched Victory Poker with the biggest pro team in the world second to Full Tilt Poker. We got to work closely together and became friends. I had some of the best times in my career with Mr. Fleyshman and his team. Black Friday killed Victory Poker and so did our business ventures together with it. Who knows for how long? With a friend like Dan you always have a couch to sleep on in Vegas if shit hits the fan.

What has in your opinion been the biggest change in online poker?
Nearly 50% of the online poker population was decimated by Black Friday. This makes for much softer games on sites globally but it also lessens the player pools drastically for different time blocks of the day that U.S. players used to be active on.

Anything you miss from the past?
Well yeah, I miss owning Victory Poker! Its so frustrating to see our Youtube channel alone surpass 3,000,000 views and what we could be doing now. So many great memories, so many lives affected, I miss the whole experience. (see video below)

Has something changed for the better?
Normally I’m an optimist and see the silver lining in everything, but NO, nothing has changed for the better. It’s good we found out about Full Tilts ridiculousness but with millions of people screwed over and no access to funds on the horizon, it’s just all bad.

What do you expect will happen in online poker the coming years?
Well online poker will continue to get regulated in foreign countries as they see the obvious tax benefits and passion of their residents. As for the US market, it will only be on a State by State regulation basis and will take years and years. Anyone who thinks Federal regulation is going to happen this decade is dead wrong, the states can’t get themselves organized and all have different motives, regulations, tax scenarios, government officials, application licenses, theories, etc. so it just can’t physically happen.
Dan Fleyshman's house - BBQ & Ultimate Fighting on TV
Las Vegas, Summer 2010

Any final statement you wish to add?
Never stop learning… No matter how good you think you are at poker, use the vast amount of training sites and information at your disposal, practice, practice, practice and continue to better your game like an athlete, Kobe Bryant is in the gym perfecting his craft everyday to stay ahead of the competition.
Erik Smith & Victory Poker - London, May 2010
Erik Smith comments: "I never forget the day I was working in my office a Friday afternoon and Dan Fleyshman and Keith Gipson came to my office. We got in our board room and I asked what was going on. They told me they came to kidnap me and take me to London for the weekend. After the weekend we all headed together to Prague for a igaming conference. When the video below was being filmed I was sitting in a couch in the background or on the balcony answering e-mails and doing my work. Do I need to say at times it was hard to concentrate?
Victory Poker Model Video - London, May 2010