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Heads Up (HU) is a game where you play 1 vs 1 meaning that the maximum of players at a table is two players. Heads up is rarely played at brick & mortar casinos. Heads Up cash games is a phenomenon that is mainly seen online. 

Heads Up became very popular in 2006 and going forward since pros could sit on multiple tables and wait for a bad player to join. If you are playing heads up against a fish you are not worried that other good players at the table will win the money from the fish since you are alone with the fish. This is also the reason many heads up players are only willing to play against fish and weak players. It is a game where you can table select very hard and only play weaker opponents at all times.

Heads up can be played as cash games, sit and go and multi table tournament. A heads up cash game is  different from a heads up sit & go since the blinds remains the same in cash games and the players can leave at any moment. Heads Up players playing cash games are exposed to 'hit and runners'. A 'hit and runner' is a player who leaves the moment they double up or win a big pot. The phrase refers to hitting one hand and running away with the money.

Over the years the poker rooms have make it tougher for HU cash game players. On some networks you are only allowed to open a limited amount of tables on each stake and some networks have a limited amount of tables to force players to play each other and avoid having hundreds of HU tables active in the lobby.