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No-limit Poker means there is no maximum limit of how much you are allowed to bet in each round. Having said that you can maximum bet what you bring to the table and you can never be forced to pay more than you brought to the table.

It is a common misunderstand that if you can not call a full bet you are forced to fold. If you can not match the other persons bet you can commit yourself all-in and play with everything you have left.

You can only win matching what you have. If a player bets $100 and you have $80 left. The other player will get $20 and you play for the remaining $160.

A $1/$2 table in No-limit means that you can minimum bet $2 at any given point. The 'small blind' is $1 and the 'big blind' is $2. When you raise you have to raise the equivalent of your opponents bet or more.

The typical buy-in online is 100 x big blinds (bb). Meaning you sit down with $200 and at $1/$2. Some poker rooms have deep stack tables and allows you to buy-in with 200 x bb. When you play No-Limit hold'em at brick mortar casinos at $5/$10 and higher you will often experience there is no maximum buy-in.