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Briefly stated the rakeback problem has typically been dealt with by the network either paying out the rakeback, capping the rakeback or banning it all together. The only way a network can tackle potential rakeback problems is to make sure that all skins on the network obey the rules and that affiliates do the same. Networks, poker rooms and affiliates need to focus on activating new players rather than moving the same players around.

There are still many affiliates and poker rooms offering extra rakeback deals against the rules. Those deals are often referred to as "under the table" deals. However, since big cooperate businesses traded on the stock market are taking over the industry it is obvious that such affiliates and poker rooms are a dying breed. These businesses will exist for a limited period of time only but untill shut down they will try to make money wherever possible.

Most affiliates that are obeying the rules of today are either promoting the standard rakeback deals while accepting a smaller margin, not promoting rakeback at all, or getting paid a fixed fee for each real player they send to the poker room. This way they avoid dealing with rakeback issues.
With PokerStars and big operators registered on the stock market dominating the industry we will see less operators and managers agreeing to offer illegal rakeback deals. The networks have introduced fines severe enough to force poker rooms out of business if they are caught offering illegal rakeback deals. We have seen poker rooms unable to pay fines and as a result being forced to switch software provider while their cheating made them unwanted by most respected networks.
That being said, all networks are now offering rakeback to their players it is just called something else to avoid the negative connotations of the word rakeback. While browsing the internet you will thus come across words like: FPP’s, VIP points, value-back, cash-back, player points and different award levels to name a few.