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We have naturally not been able to gather statistics from all networks in the world that ever existed. That information is not possible to obtain by anyone. We have decided to include the information of the poker networks that we are actively monitoring and which we have been able to locate data from.

It is important to notice that the graph shows the international networks accessible to the majority of the world's population and does not include the ring fenced networks from countries such as Italy, France, Sweden, Finland & Austria. Online Poker is therefore more popular than the graph indicates.

Poker Network Current Status
888Poker Live
Action Poker Live
Betfair Poker Closed
Bodog Live
Cake Network Live
Absolute Poker Merged with Cereus & closed
Cereus Poker Declared bankrupt but still online with almost 0 traffic
Cryptologic Closed
Entraction Live
Everest Poker Live
Everleaf Gaming Live
Full Tilt Poker Temp. closed
IPN (Boss Media) Live
iPoker Network Live
Ladbrokes Merged into Microgaming Network
Microgaming Live *Notice Unibet & Ladbrokes exclusive tables are not included
Ongame Live
Paradise Closed
Party Poker Live
PKR Live
PokerStars Live
Tain Network Merged with iPoker
UltimateBet Merged with Cereus & closed
WSEX Live but has zero traffic
Planet Poker Closed for normal cash games
Enet Poker Live
Yatahay Network Live
Tribeca Tables Merged with iPoker