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The iPoker Network was launched at a late date in comparison with its closest competitors. With a background in online casino Playtech already had an impressive line up of licensees when it was ready for launch in 2004.

The network really kicked off when Playtech acquired Tain & Tribeca Tables which merged with iPoker in March 2007. This event clearly shows on the graph as the numbers roughly increased with 50% within a month.

The iPoker traffic peaked in early 2009 but at the same time Playtech started to ban poker rooms who was not obeying the network rules. Playtech also began to fine partners who had too many winning players. The rake numbers decreased since the fines was forcing skins and players to leave the network.

You can find more details about the network in the iPoker review

We believe the strategy was to build iPoker to become the biggest network in the world and to attract many blue chip partners. Once the traffic hit tremendous heights the network readjusted to protect the key partners. Fining and banning the poker rooms with low amounts of players but high volumes of rake benefited the blue chip partners with many fish and kept a healthy mix of players on the network.

We have seen on several occasions that networks failing to uphold their own rules lose their key partners who can't accept that most of their advanced players jump ship to get a 'better deal' on a smaller competing poker room.

iPoker's traffic is solid and we believe that it will maintain its current player traffic and possible increase in the coming year due to the fact that Ongame's & IPN's future seems unstable.

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We thank PokerScout for providing the statistics from 2006 onwards.


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