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Everest Poker was doing surprisingly well between 2007 and the summer of 2009. In 2008 Everest Poker had great success making a multi year deal with Harrah's to sponsor the Worlds Series of Poker but when Italy with AAMS and more importantly France with ARJEL introduced their national gambling license the network dropped 50% over night.

You can find more information about Everest Poker in our Everest Poker Network review.

The Everest Poker network was due to these political changes cut in half over night. As a result the games got tougher and less players joined the network.

Betclic joining the Everest Poker Network in September 2011 had a very positive impact on the network liquidity. Mangas Gaming owns both Everest Poker & Betclic which led to the move we all have been expecting since Mangas Gaming bought Everest Poker.

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