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The online poker industry has been very dramatic and affected by several major scandals. The scandals have surfaced time and again and usually involved fraud and lies which has caused that many poker players have lost a lot of money.

Unlike most businesses which are regulated by major governments with high standards the online poker rooms have traditionally been operating with little interference by any regulatory bodies. Online poker rooms are usually licensed in small jurisdictions that rarely demand a strict policy regarding player funds and security issues.

Having a poker license what does that mean? Nothing in many cases. It does not guarantee that the player funds are segregated from the operations and we have seen many operators spending player funds in attempts to gain new market shares and grow its player base.

This is not the case for the majority of the online poker rooms but still till this day (July 2012) there a networks who are operating despite being technically insolvent if all players cashed out.

The scandals mentioned on PokerHistory.eu are of different natures. We have listed all scandals we believe have had a major impact on the online poker industry. Several times skeptics have thought the end of online poker was near yet it has managed to survive and move towards are regulated environment.

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