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Pot Limit is a game where you can maximum raise the amount which is in the pot. Pot limit is almost only played in Omaha and is called PLO which stands for Pot Limit Omaha. The easiest way to explain how you bet is to say you match any current bet + pot = bet pot. 

Say you are the first to enter a hand pre-flop and there is $1 in 'small blind' and $2 in 'big blind'. You now match the 2$ big blind so there is a total of 5$ on the table.

The maximum you can bet is therefor $5+2$ = $7. When you play in big pots multi-way Pot-limit can get confusing even for experienced players.

The buy-in online in Pot Limit is normally 100 x big blind just like No-Limit.

If you play $1/$2 PLO it compares to play $2/$4 NLHE since the pot sizes in Omaha generally are twice as big. You also have to notice that in PLO you are often all-in on flop and it is considered the most volatile poker game.