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Bwin bought Ongame & PokerRoom in March 2006. When UIGEA was passed in October 2006 Ongame's traffic dropped 20%. PokerRoom was mainly a US poker room and a very popular play money site. The sports book Bwin itself was unaffected by UIGEA being an European sports book that did not accept wagers from US citizens.

You can find a lot more information about this network in our Ongame review.

When Betfair joined Ongame in the summer of 2010 the traffic was historically low. You had to go back to December 2006 to find reports showing lower numbers. Naturally the presentation of Betfair was a major boost to the network but only a year later in the summer 2011 the numbers were back to what they had been in January 2007.

SportingBet & Paradise Poker will soon open up for Ongame tables which will lead to an increase of player volumes. On the other hand we know Bwin is most likely moving to the Party Poker platform so its hard to believe that 2012 will show increasing numbers for Ongame.

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We thank PokerScout for providing the statistics from 2006 onwards.


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