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Poker Multi Table Tournaments are the most popular form of poker today both online and in casinos around the world. It is played by hundred of thousands of people daily. You can read more about how Multi Table Tournament came about in 2004 by reading our article Multi Table Tournaments.

The basic concept of a Multi Table Tournament is that you pay a fixed amount to be able to win a sum of the total prize pool . The size of the buy-in which is the amount it cost to join is a pre determined and vary from $1 to as much as $10,000. When you enter a tournament all players get the same amount of chips to play with. The blinds increases over time and players get knocked out one by one till there is one winner. 

Multi table tournaments often have a re-buy feature. It means that if you exit within the first hour or 4 levels on the tournament you can re-enter for the same amount you bought in with first time.

After the 're-buy' period is over there is sometimes an 'add-on' feature enabling you to buy the same amount of chips your bought originally for a discounted prize.

Tournaments are a fun way to play poker and gives people the chances of risking a small amount to win a big prize. You can read another article about The MoneyMaker Effect which changed tournament poker forever.