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Fixed Limit Poker means that the amount you can raise is predetermined. The size of the bets depends on which stake you are playing. If you play $10/$20 Limit Hold'em it means that small blind is $5 and big blind is $10. The bets pre-flop and on flop is $10.

The turn and river bets are $20 and called 'big bets'.

The maximum amount of times you can bet within a betting round is four. On some poker networks there is no cap on the amount of times you can bet if a hand is played 'heads up'.

The buy-in online is normally 25 or 50 'big bets' however there is no upper limit. The maximum amount of 'big bets' you can lose in one hand played multi-way is 12.

Stud games are usually played as limit games till this day today.

Texas Hold'em was originally played as Fixed Limit Hold'em which changed in 2003-2004. To find out more read the article How Online No Limt Poker started.