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Founded 2006
Owned by PKR Limited
Software Own software
Structure Private company
License Alderney
Skins 1
Live Tours N/A
US Accepted Not since UIGEA
Former Names N/A


PKR have been doing very well for a standalone network. Unlike most networks PKR does not have any skins so it relies entirely on its own product, branding and marketing.

At first many did not believe PKR would have much future since hardcore poker players does not care so much about 3D effects but rather the actual game and pace.

We have seen many other poker rooms trying to stand out from the rest by offering 3D poker rooms but everyone have failed.

PKR Statistics

PKR proved everyone wrong by being the proud owner of the worlds best and only 3D poker software. Many other companies have attempted to do the same but failed miserably so its quite an achievement.

If the US market opens up PKR will be in a favorable position as Americans are known for loving video games with special effects.






There is no record of rake back problems on this network. It is quite simple to manage when you do not have any skins that potentially would make 'under the table deals'. Affiliates breaching the network rules by offering extra rake back is uncommon. Overall its a healthy network.


PKR offers 30% rake back.


PKR is a standalone poker room owned by the network